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Asian Movie Babe Maui Taylor

Maui Taylor One-half exotic Filipino filly, one-half stodgy old Britannia, and completely red hot and finger-licking good is the best way to describe Asian act-chest Maui Taylor. And that’s no typo: Maui’s wowees are a sight for sore eyes (and the cause of many sore members from too much tugging and loving). The top-heavy honey is only a wee five-feet-two-inches tall but already has a big …Join to read more.

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  • 19 year old Woman in Houston, Texas
  • Looking For: Men, Women, Couples (man and woman) or Couples (2 women) for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Group sex (3 or more!)

    Profile for oooitsevy
    I’m your typical shy girl, only I’m not so typical. Most of my friends would say I have an easy-going sometimes shy personality. i like trying new things.

    People have been emailing me asking if i’m real or if i’m really 19 years old. here’s my answer…YES i’m REAL, i’m not one of those ad ladies or whatever. and YES i’m really 19…it’s not my fault that i’m small and youthful. haha.

    for those of you who think i’m not emailing back b/c i’m an ad….it’s not that. it’s b/c i don’t have a lot of time to respond to every email i get. and i’m only a standard member i can’t respond to every single one. so make your email a good one 😉 hehe

    okay. so. wow, a lot of people have been emailing me. and i’m sorry if i haven’t responded yet. if i don’t respond to you soon try emailing me, again.

    oh yeah…and you realllly want me to respond, then don’t just send me an email that says “hi” or something. gimme a story. 😉 or try to continue my fantasy. if you do that i’ll definitely respond to you. kaaay!

    <3 evy

    My Ideal Person:
    i’m bi-curious…i’ve never been with another woman, but i would love to 😉 i need someone to teach me the ways of…mm you know what.

    well, the person has to have some things in common with me. we have to chat first before anything can happen. i don’t give out my number until we’ve had a good chat online. i’m not the type of person who just goes out for drinks…i mean c’mon i’m 19. haha. chat first.

    i’m sorry older guys…i’m not the type of girl that’s into men twice my age. unless you’re a person who ages like johnny depp. haha. so i like guys around my age. 18 to maybe 30…MAYBE! depends though. AND absolutely no married men!

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